How can assault not involve violence?

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Anyone who has survived a Tennessee summer may have felt assaulted by heat, insects and humidity. Although no one can file charges against the weather, anyone in Tennessee may file charges against someone who assaulted them, even if no physical violence came to pass.

What is assault in Tennessee law?

The basic principle of assault includes actions that threaten or cause harm to another person. A person who feels threatened or put in danger of harm by a person’s action or even a person’s words may have ground for a criminal case for assault.

How can someone be assaulted if no one hits them?

Even a threat of violence may be interpreted as assault, since it would intimidate a person and cause fear. There is a separate and more serious charge of aggravated assault which covers cases involving severe injury or the threat of assault with a deadly weapon. As a result, assault may not be a serious charge.

What if a person caused harm or danger without meaning to?

The Tennessee Code’s sections on assault mention that a person may have intentionally or recklessly caused injury, harm or danger. A person may be guilty of reckless aggravated assault if they cause bodily harm or death through an accident that they should have prevented in good sense.

How do I deal with an assault charge?

An attorney may be able to reduce an assault charge or have it dismissed by working with prosecutors or defending you in court. Legal representation is often a good idea is a person is charged with assault or aggravated assault.

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