Tennessee may be at the forefront of fighting bad drug ads

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Tennessee has accessible laws allowing people to sue others who were responsible for injuries they sustained. This is often straightforward if the victim of an injury can prove negligence or other liability to the satisfaction of a judge or jury. This can be a trickier matter if it takes some connections from the liable party and the injured party.

Physicians in Tennessee are concerned that some advertisements for drugs and other medical interventions may be misleading patients to the point of causing pain and debilitation. As a result, the Volunteer State may find itself as the standard bearer for a nationwide push for truth in advertising from the industry creating them.

The communication at the heart of the matter, sometimes known as “bad drug ads,” are not as tightly regulated as pharmaceutical ads. They are generally designed to frighten people using prescribed medications into questioning the positive effects of the drugs. If people stop using prescribed drugs, they may compromise their own health and require serious care.

Senate Bill 352 requires advertisers to warn patients of these dangers. Physicians are hoping that the warnings will lead patients to consult with them before ending any regimen of medications. The consequences could mean a person’s life.

Victims of personal injuries for which someone else is liable have the right to pursue financial damages from the responsible party. An attorney can help seek reimbursement for medical expenses and possible compensation for pain and emotional distress suffered as a result. No one should have to deal with the consequences of someone else’s irresponsible behavior alone.

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