How do Tennesseeans sue over the loss of pets?

| May 30, 2019 | Personal Injury |

It is often an insult upon injury when someone else’s negligence or willful malice causes pain or trauma. This is why many people are reassured that Tennessee law allows them to sue for financial damages to help with recovery. But some do not know that the principle applies beyond humans.

Why would someone sue for wrongful death if the decedent is not human?

Pet owners and farmers may say that animals can become part of the family over time. As a result, the Tennessee Code includes a section that allows pet owners to sue others if they caused the death of a domestic animal.

How much can a pet owner expect under Tennessee law?

For most of the Volunteer State’s history, pet owners could sue for the financial value of an animal as dictated by its purchase price or prospective resale price. In 2004, the legislature amended the code to allow courts to award “noneconomic damages” as long as they are under $5,000 in total.

What are noneconomic damages in the case of liable injury or death?

Terms like “emotional distress” or “pain and suffering” are references to noneconomic damages. These amounts are assessed by courts to compensate people for the unquantifiable effects of an action or incident.

How can people forward their claims for economic and noneconomic damages?

People who have suffered personal injuries or lost a loved one may consider retaining legal representation. An attorney can help victims and their families work out the best way to claim damages from the person or parties liable for their effects.

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