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June 2019 Archives

How do people make money investing in real estate?

When most people are thinking of buying a house, they are trying to find the most suitable place to make a home for themselves and their families. Some families may acquire a vacation home or a timeshare, but few people own more than one property at a time. The exception is the group of property owners focusing on investment.

2 words in a will would have prevented a legal battle

A lot of Americans believe that inheritance should be simple. They think a child or other appointed heir should get everything that a person owned when he or she died. Many people live by that principle, never bothering to make estate plans or write a proper legal will. But this is not a good strategy, as inheritance can get complicated without clear instructions.

Former Nashville resident faces fraud charges

Criminal defense is not only important as a guarantee that anyone accused of a crime will receive a fair hearing. It has meaning beyond a person's own need to avoid prison time, heavy fines or other punitive sentences. It is also a way for people to protect their reputation while the liability or guilt around criminal acts is established or dismissed.

Tennessee clarifies who can officiate a marriage

Marriage is considered a sacred institution by nearly every civilization in the world's history. The United States is no exception, and its courts have occasionally become the venue of social discussions on what marriage is to whom. Tennessee is facing one of those moments as the state makes changes regarding who can officiate a marriage.

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