Month: October 2019

3 holiday co-parenting tips

You have a parenting plan in place that works well for you, your children and your co-parent. However, that plan pertains to normal, day-to-day matters. Birthdays and holidays can be a special time for your family, but they also represent a departure from the regular...

Do you need a pour over will?

There are a number of different types of trusts you may create to protect your Tennessee estate both before and after your death, and they each have benefits.   If you create a trust, though, do you still need a will?   Purpose of a trust  As the Tennessee Bar...

When hoarding leads to a divorce

Common reasons for marriages falling apart include cheating, drug addiction, abuse and losing interest after many years. However, less common factors may also contribute to a couple’s divorce, and this blog post will examine some of the different ways that hoarding...

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