Can I rezone land from business to residential real estate?

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Tennessee attracts many types of property developers, and in some cases, your goal of rezoning a tract of land from commercial to residential use is a workable possibility. When land sits idle for too long, the municipal council may find it beneficial to approve zoning changes that could make the property more valuable for both you and the local community. 

Land once intended for a business project that did not achieve completion, for example, may be a good candidate for rezoning. Your plans to see the property approved for residential use may serve to generate additional tax revenue and income-producing opportunities. 

A portion of a former golf course near U.S. Highway 411 South received unanimous approval by the Maryville City Council to rezone the land for residential property. According to The Daily Times, a dispute over the land’s ownership prevented development of at least 30 other properties in the area that required residential rezoning. The council members found that there was no reason to maintain the vacant property as zoned for business and transportation purposes while the surrounding area grows and evolves with residential properties. 

The council members decided not to rezone the portion of the land where the pro golf shop sat. This small section of the tract may remain available for commercial purposes such as a corner grocery store. The rest of the property, however, can now proceed with residential plans that the revised zoning ordinances permit and enable it to remain in step with the growth of the community. 

Zoning for business and transportation purposes generally prohibits construction plans intended for residential use. This may include houses, condominiums or apartment buildings. If you are a developer interested in purchasing land, you may find it in your best interests to look into the particular requirements for a rezoning approval before purchasing property. 

The intent of the information provided is to serve educational purposes only. Readers should not interpret the above content as legal advice. 

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