Long walks and pedestrian accidents

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Some people like to walk from time to time, going on brief walks to a neighbor’s house or to a local park. Others like to go walking for an extended period of time, and some have no choice but to go for long walks (such as those who have found themselves without another means of transportation). Unfortunately, walking for excessively long distances can significantly increase the likelihood of a pedestrian accident for various reasons, and we will go over some in this post. 

For starters, more time on or alongside the road means more opportunities for accidents to occur. This is not the only reason why a pedestrian accident may be more likely, however. Pedestrians who walk for very long periods of time may also become fatigued, which could make them accidentally veer in front of oncoming traffic or have difficulty avoiding a vehicle that is traveling toward them. 

As a pedestrian, it is vital to walk on the correct side of the road and be aware of the different hazards that you may encounter, especially if you regularly go for very long walks. Unfortunately, no amount of preparation or attentiveness can protect you at all times, especially with so many negligent drivers on the road. Many reckless drivers are on the road, such as those who drive drunk, or get behind the wheel while they are severely tired due to sleep loss or work issues. 

To read more about pedestrian accidents and other types of traffic accidents, review our website. Also, make sure you are careful when you go for walks in the future. 

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