When hoarding leads to a divorce

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Common reasons for marriages falling apart include cheating, drug addiction, abuse and losing interest after many years. However, less common factors may also contribute to a couple’s divorce, and this blog post will examine some of the different ways that hoarding can cause a marriage to crumble. Whether you are married to a hoarder, or your spouse has decided to move on as a result of your inability to get rid of things, it is important to be aware of these factors and figure out what is best for your life. 

Hoarding can be difficult for those who live with someone who struggles with this behavior. The house may be cluttered, and it can be very difficult to move around. Not to mention, conditions can be filthy and inviting for rodents, insects and so on. Sometimes, hoarding can cause a couple to get evicted from their home or apartment, which can place even greater strain on the relationship. 

In some cases, people are able to discuss their concerns with their partner and address their tendency to hoard before it leads to a divorce. For other couples, this does not work out, and the marriage ultimately falls apart. Worse, those who lose their marital partner as a result of their hoarding may struggle with this behavior even more in the wake of their divorce due to depression, stress and other negative emotions. 

Whether your marriage is suffering because of hoarding or any other issue, it is important to look over your options and be prepared to file for a divorce, if necessary. 

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