How can I prepare for my real estate closing?

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Most homebuyers believe they’re at the end of their real estate journey upon reaching the closing. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong during a closing, some of which may even prevent you from completing the transaction. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare is crucial to ensure a smooth process. offers the following insight into the real estate closing process.

Schedule a home inspection

A home may look amazing, but there can be a lot of issues lurking underneath. Some of these issues may even threaten the stability of your home, which would obviously call your decision into question. An inspection provides information on issues within the home so that buyers can take the appropriate steps to mitigate them. You may decide to cancel the sale if the problems are too costly to address. You may also ask for assistance from the seller, who are usually more than willing to work with buyers to ensure the home sale is completed.

Perform a title search

A title is a legal document that establishes homeownership to the holder. Problems with the title often arise, however, and these problems are your responsibility once the transaction is complete. A title search will make you aware of any lawsuits attached to the home or whether the seller is actually authorized to complete the transaction. While title insurance can be purchased to safeguard you from future issues, you must have existing issues cleared remove your liability.

Make sure you have the right documents

On the day of the closing, you’ll need to bring certain items to complete the sale. This includes the purchase contract with the seller, homeowners’ insurance documents, photo ID, reports regarding the home inspection, and any specific documents requested. It’s best to get these documents together well before the closing. Doing so will prevent you from scrambling around at the last minute and will also provide time in case you don’t have something you need.

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