The number of phone-addicted drivers doubled last year

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Given just how many states have created new laws in recent years intended to reduce the number of motorists who drive distracted, you may think that the problem is becoming far less common on the nation’s roadways. Unfortunately, new research relating to the prevalence of distracted driving in America shows that new laws are doing little to prevent motorists from driving while distracted. 

According to Forbes, distracted driving, or driving while performing any other type of activity that diverts your attention away from the road, is increasingly common and tremendously dangerous. In fact, the number of people driving distracted has gotten so high that distracted driving has become not only more common, but also more dangerous than drunk driving in recent years. 

Concerning statistics 

While Tennessee is among the many states that have banned motorists from using handheld cellphones behind the wheel, the distracted driving problem continues to cause numerous injuries and claim far too many lives. While distracted driving may ultimately involve anything from eating or drinking behind the wheel to interacting with friends of children in the backseat, cellphone use is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving, with texting proving particularly dangerous. 

Phone addictions 

It is especially troubling, then, that the number of motorists who have phone addictions, meaning that they spend at least 28% of their driving time ignoring the road while paying attention to their phones, has doubled within the past year. Nowadays, anywhere between about 60% and 80% of all drivers on the road use their cellphones; one out of every 12 motorists you are going to encounter is a “phone addict.” 

Driving while distracted is undeniably dangerous, and there is a definitive link between distracted driving and a nationwide increase in all types of car wrecks. The latest research surrounding distracted driving behaviors indicates that far more needs to happen to counter the problem and protect the motoring public. 

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