What kind of alimony are you entitled to?

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Alimony can sometimes sound like a dirty word, but it is a tool for support when someone lacks the resources and needs it most after a divorce. While most may know that alimony is one spouse paying support to their ex, Tennessee has many types of alimony and some require particular checkpoints to be met before they can be considered. Knowing your options can help you work through the confusion. 

As a resource, alimony is meant to help you get your feet. Findlaw breaks down Tennessee statutes on spousal support and details four main types: 

  • Rehabilitative 
  • Alimony in Futuro 
  • Transitional 
  • Alimony in Solido 

The courts are responsible for looking over your case and determining what is best for both parties. Factors like marriage length, health, mental wellness and each party’s ability to support themselves financially all come under consideration. Shorter marriages may see an in solido award or a transitional alimony. A sum or short-term amount of payments designed to help you get on your feet. 

If you have been a parent in the home for many years, you may get a rehabilitative alimony that will help you secure skills and schooling enough to enter the workforce again. This generally lasts until you can be proven to be self-sufficient. 

After a long marriage, your accustomed standard of living may be deeply affected after a divorce and an alimony in futuro award is appropriate, as it will provide you with income enough to maintain a reasonable amount the courts rule on. 

Getting through a divorce is not easy, but there is hope. Knowing your options can secure your short and long term future. 

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