Will a DUI conviction affect college careers?

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Tennessee college students who are facing a DUI charge for the first time may not know what they are in for. A DUI charge is something that you should treat as a serious matter. This is because a charge may turn into a conviction. If you face a DUI conviction, it can have long-lasting repercussions on your college life.

Today we will look at what some of those potential repercussions are. In doing this, it gives more incentive to treat charges like the risky matter it is.

DUI convictions end financial support

The College Investor has a strong opinion about this matter. They believe that getting a DUI in college has the potential to ruin your college career. In fact, for some, it can end your college career. After a DUI conviction, police report the matter to your college. They decide what to do with the information. Often, they will not simply ignore it.

The first step they may take is to cut your financial support. This may include scholarships gifted by the college or any parent institutions. Other forms of financial aid through the college may end. The blow is devastating to anyone relying on this aid to get through college.

Being removed from campus

Colleges also kick people off of in-campus housing at times, too. This does not mean a student cannot continue attending the college. But they need to find their own housing. This may not be cost effective depending on the cost of living in the area.

In extreme cases, colleges can expel students for their DUI convictions. If you had your heart set on attending one college, this is devastating. It can also set back your career if you were attending a college for a specific program or career path.

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