Avoid these common unsafe driving practices

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A car wreck — even a minor one — can be a major hassle. You may face transportation challenges while your vehicle is in the repair shop. If you injure yourself in a crash, you may need help with medical care. Household bills can pile up during your recovery period. 

Assistance is available when you need it. However, the best approach is prevention. When you get behind the wheel, avoid the following unsafe practices. 

Distracted driving

In 2019, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data showed that Tennessee led the nation in deaths due to distracted driving. Distractions include eating, drinking and consulting GPS devices. 

Avoid multitasking while operating a vehicle. Most of all, avoid cell phone use while driving. Hands-free calls are legal, but you should limit calls to avoid taking your mental focus off the road. Never text behind the wheel. 

Aggressive driving

Speeding, darting from lane to lane, tailgating and honking are aggressive behaviors. If you become angry or agitated while driving, pull over until you are calmer. If you find yourself sharing the road with an aggressive driver, stay as far away as possible. Ignore hostile gestures and report the reckless driver to authorities. 

Drowsy driving

Sleepy driving can be almost as dangerous as drunk driving. Signs that you are too tired to drive include frequent yawning, inability to focus and not noticing traffic signs. Avoid driving late at night and early in the morning. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals and take breaks when fatigue sets in. 

No matter how careful you are, an accident may occur. If you have trouble on the road but are not in an emergency, call *847. Give your location to the Tennessee Highway Patrol for a quick response. Follow proper safety guidelines while you wait. 

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