How a DUI can hurt education and career opportunities

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Many people drink socially to release some stress from their college studies or work responsibilities. However, if you choose to drive impaired after some partying, you can face serious consequences.

Not only do you potentially face license suspension, significant fines or jail time, your education and career opportunities are also on the line.

Effect on college career

A DUI conviction in college can ruin your time earning a degree. Your school will learn about the charges you face via alerts from the police. The school then decides how to handle the situation.

Not only may a university board decide to expel you from the school altogether, but even if the school does not suspend or dismiss you, you can still face major financial repercussions. The school can revoke scholarships, other monetary support and remove you from your on-campus housing. This increase in expenses may affect your ability to afford to stay.

Impact on employment

Repercussions of a DUI offense also extend to potential career paths. Many employers will run background checks or ask you if you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction. For example, if you aim to become a licensed professional such as a nurse, lawyer or pharmacist you may have to stop pursuing that area of study.

Even for other jobs that do not require a license, you will have a difficult time securing employment. Jobs in the military, government, childhood education and those that require a commercial driver’s license are near impossible to work in, even if it is a first-time DUI.

The loss of your driving privileges limits how you can travel to job interviews, career fairs or just to work in general. You will have to use ridesharing services or public transportation, which is yet another expense.

Overall, a DUI conviction can greatly impact your college and job prospects, so do not take the chance and always think twice before you get behind the wheel after drinking.

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