Do you drive tired?

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Driving distracted and intoxicated are obviously dangerous. You understand how crashes happen in both cases. 

However, driving tired may prove just a risky a prospect as the other two. People who get behind the wheel fatigued may experience blackouts, much like those who have consumed too much alcohol. With so many drivers taking to the road, arriving at your destination unscathed may involve getting more shuteye. Find out what makes drowsy driving so dangerous. 

What is risky about driving drowsy?

The brain requires sleep to reboot and repair. If your body and brain do not get the sleep required, mistakes get made. Your reflexes slow down. Thus, when careening down the road exhausted, your brain may not react appropriately to obstacles. The most serious side effect of driving drowsy is falling asleep behind the wheel. At a certain point, the brain begins to shut down, and you nod off. You may not have the ability to control it, and when this happens, catastrophe may strike. 

Who is more likely to drive tired?

The average adult should get eight or nine hours of sleep to awaken fully alert and rested. Some types of jobs may make driving drowsy more likely, such as those who work the night shift or rotating shifts. Some people with undiagnosed medical sleep disorders may also snooze behind the wheel at higher rates. Anyone who does not get up feeling awake may prove a threat on the road. 

Getting behind the wheel and commanding a vehicle on the roads in Tennessee requires alert and responsible behavior. A driver who is any less than 100% focused on the road ahead is a danger to everyone else around. 

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