How can you recognize parental alienation?

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After a divorce, you and your former spouse can care for your children amicably is the best-case scenario. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way. Your spouse could try to alienate you from your children. According to Healthline, parental alienation syndrome occurs when one parent uses methods to distance the other parent’s children.

Fortunately, there are signs that you can look for.

Looking at your child’s behavior

After a divorce, it is normal for children to go through a lot of stress regarding adjusting. They may be more prone to becoming upset with you or your ex. The signs of parental alienation, however, are more extreme.

Your children may criticize you, may have only negative feelings with no positives. Yet, they will give your former spouse nothing but praise and support. Most of their phrases will sound like they borrowed them from an adult. They may have ideas or thoughts on situations that they never witnessed.

Analyzing your ex’s behavior

There are a few red flags that indicate an alienator. First, he or she may keep all of your children’s personal items. Even if you see the children more often, anything at the other parent’s house remains at that parent’s house. Your ex may try to tempt your children to stay longer. He or she will plan activities your children will want to be included in on the days your children should be with you.

In parental alienation syndrome, your children will have had a good relationship with you in the beginning. During the alienation, they may act out towards your family members.

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