What are the main causes of divorce?

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No one goes into a marriage with the intention of it ending in divorce, yet this is what sometimes happens. If you’re going through problems in your Tennessee relationship, it may be helpful to consider some of the common causes for divorce and see if you fall into any of these categories.

Divorce may happen for any number of reasons, making it a highly diverse branch of family law. Causes range from simple disagreements, where both partners mutually decide that the relationship is no longer working, to abusive situations that are critical for the victim to get out of as soon as possible.

Refusal to commit

For some people, just the thought of committing to simple things is enough to make them sweat. Without some form of commitment, verbal or otherwise, it may be difficult for the other partner to have faith that the marriage will last.

Compatibility issues

People change. This fact of life sometimes means that two people who were once in love become two people who can’t see eye to eye years later. In many cases, being incompatible in certain ways can be overcome by compromising. But if the gap becomes too wide, it might mean that you’ve grown too far apart to remain happily married.


These are some of the most serious cases in family law and the most critical for the victim to get out of. Abuse may range from physical to emotional, and a partner may also be abusing substances like drugs and alcohol. In every case, spousal abuse is dangerous, terrible to go through, and the only safe way out is through a divorce.

There are many reasons why a marriage may end in divorce. Whether it’s due to a lack of commitment, growing apart, extramarital affairs, or abuse, sometimes divorce is the best answer.

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