Three things to expect when divorcing a narcissist

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Tennessee divorces can be challenging enough, but when you’re separating from a narcissist, the situation can morph into the procedural version of a snarling tricephalic monster. But preparation mitigates stress. So today, we’re looking at three things to expect when divorcing a narcissist.

A long haul

Pathological narcissists don’t take kindly to separations that aren’t on their terms. Plus, they crave control and consequently drag out proceedings in a futile attempt to gain a leg up. They’ll be argumentative for the sake of combativeness and go to extreme lengths to complicate the process. Incredibly, these types of contentious divorces take up 90% of family court resources. So prepare for a long haul.

Reputation smearing

People with narcissistic personality disorder are notorious for smearing the reputations of people who make them feel threatened. It could be anybody, from somebody with whom they disagree to estranged spouses.

So steel yourself for the inevitable. It can get ugly. Warn your friends and employer if necessary.

If things become unmanageable, block the ex from your social media and other communication avenues. Set a boundary to only communicate through your attorneys. Doing so may save you considerable grief and hassle.

False charm

Narcissists can be masters of manipulation and know how to dial up the charm. Many of them use this skill during divorce proceedings with an eye toward winning over the judge. But it rarely works because family law jurists are objective. The facts remain the facts — whether your ex tries to social engineer the court or not.

If you keep your eye on the proverbial prize, align your bureaucratic ducks, and stand firm against the narcissist playbook, you will survive the process.

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