Driver distractions that should always be avoided

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Distracted driving has been a central focus for many legislatures such as in Tennessee where new laws have been passed in an effort to reduce auto accidents. Most new legislation in every state has been concerning cellphone usage and texting while driving in particular. However, there are other forms of distracted driving that have caused accidents, and all drivers should realize that anything they do while behind the wheel can detract from their capacity to pay attention.

Avoid visual distractions

There are many distractions that happen naturally while driving. Not only are there spectacles along the roadway in some locations that will grab a driver’s attention, but even the traffic can be distracting in congested situations. Staying focused on driving is the best method of avoiding a personal injury caused by an accident.

Avoid multitasking behind the wheel

Another form of distracted driving is attempting to do anything other than drive while in motion, including even something as simple as drinking coffee. Even actions such as opening a glove compartment have contributed to auto accidents.

Control activity in your vehicle

While it is often necessary to have passengers in a vehicle, too much activity in the passenger area can be a distraction just as with external activity. Listening to loud music or even maintaining a conversation with a passenger can create a distraction under certain conditions, especially when negotiating traffic in congested sections of a roadway.

Reducing distracted driving is a central basic principle of defensive driving. Statistics have consistently shown that summer is the time of most activity on Tennessee highways, and all drivers should be more safety-conscious during high-traffic seasons.

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