The tasks of a forensic psychologist in family law

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Divorce proceedings might involve far more than negotiations over asset distributions. Child custody matters could become the most contentious issue during the legal process. A judge in a Tennessee court typically weighs all evidence to determine what is in the child’s best interests. The evidence may include testimony from a forensic psychologist. However, parents might be unfamiliar with the duties the psychologist performs.

The forensic psychologist’s responsibilities

Many spouses find it preferable to come to a mutual agreement on all of the divorce-related issues. However, there could be instances where neither spouse agrees, and they might be far apart on child custody arrangements. So, the judge may look at expert testimony from a forensic psychologist.

The forensic psychologist could conduct interviews with the parents and children. These interviews may provide the psychologist with insights into the parent-child relationship that the court could find valuable. If the psychologist feels one spouse has anger management or addiction issues, the psychologist would likely point such discoveries to the court.

The parents and children might undergo a series of psychological tests. The results could provide further insights into the mental health of all parties. Such tests may reveal whether one or both spouses have the fitness to care for a child.

Determining custody

Children require a stable home life for their healthy development. Assigning custodial duties to a parent best capable of caring for the young one is an essential task of the court. Sometimes, the court may feel both parents possess the necessary abilities to care for a child, leading a family law judge to award joint child custody. Other cases might be more complex, and one parent must abide by strict rules and supervised visitation requirements.

Both parents might see the value in working together and being amicable during the divorce. Otherwise, the process could become more complicated and costly.

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