What are the best ways to prepare for a divorce?

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If your marriage is in trouble in Tennessee, it might feel like your world is crumbling. However, divorce might be the only solution. If this is the case, being prepared can help you protect yourself.

Determine that divorce is what you want

If you haven’t completely thought things through, determining that you truly want a divorce is crucial. Whether you discuss the situation with your spouse or do some soul-searching, it can help you realize whether it’s the right path. Consider couples counseling if you’re unsure.

Collect financial documentation

Gather all financial documentation to distinguish what’s yours, your spouse’s and both of yours jointly. It helps you get an idea of where you stand in terms of asset division and allows you to protect assets that are only in your name.

Separate your finances

Close joint credit card accounts and open new ones solely in your name. Withdraw funds from your joint bank accounts and start fresh by opening new savings and checking accounts in your name. Make sure you have enough cash stashed in savings for potential emergencies.

Check your credit reports

You may also want to review your credit reports to see whether your spouse went overboard with their spending. If they have bad credit habits, you may have to work on repairing your credit score. Report any errors in your reports to the credit bureaus.

Avoid social media

Resist the temptation to vent about your spouse and divorce on social media. If you continue posting, stick to the mundane. Remember that anything you post could be misconstrued while going through a divorce.

Divorce is difficult, but being prepared may give you an edge in negotiations and reduce the stress of ending a marriage.

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