What are the types of cybercrime in Tennessee?

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Tennessee has a cybercrime unit that investigates reports of computer-related crimes. You can report instances of online fraud, computer intrusion, hacking, malware and the victimization of children.


Some cybercriminals infect multiple computers with the purpose of using them to send spam and more attacks. The owners of these computers are often unaware of what’s going on. A botnet makes it easier for cybercriminals to execute large-scale attacks. Criminal defense law in Tennessee looks at whether someone knowingly committed a crime. If you suspect you’re a botnet victim, you may want to report it. Freeing your device from a botnet is sometimes challenging.

Social engineering

A cybercriminal might start talking to you to gain your trust, or they may pose as customer support or technical professional. They might try getting your password, bank account details or information about you. Some social engineers sell your information rather than use it themselves to commit fraud, theft or another crime.

DDoS attacks

Businesses and website owners could experience a DDoS attack. This type of crime takes down your website by overwhelming it with fake traffic.

Computer intrusion

It’s illegal for someone to access your network or computer without permission. This type of computer-related crime is a computer intrusion.

Cyber flashing

Cyber flashing is when someone sends you unsolicited nude pictures or explicit videos. Tennessee hasn’t outlawed cyber flashing. However, if someone were to repeatedly send you naked pictures or explicit videos, this could count as harassment, which is illegal. Revealing photos and videos of minors are also illegal.

Any crime that a person commits with a computer or network is a cybercrime in Tennessee. What counts as a cyber crime is usually obvious but not always.

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