Watch out for these summer driving hazards

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Summer is a favorite season for many Tennessee residents due to the beautiful weather. However, it’s also a time when more risks appear on the roads, increasing the chances of accidents. These are some of the most common summer driving hazards.

More traffic

With the arrival of summer comes more people out and about to enjoy themselves. Many people take to the road for vacations and day trips, which causes more traffic. Construction happens more during the summer, also contributing to the increase in traffic. Sadly, all this road congestion significantly raises the risk of motor vehicle accidents occurring.

Inexperienced drivers

During the summer, school’s out, which means kids are free. Teens are also more likely to get their driver’s licenses during this time, resulting in many inexperienced drivers hitting the roads. However, even those who have been driving for a while still lack the experience needed to be savvy, which can easily cause car accidents.

More motorcycles

Another reason that more motor vehicle accidents occur during the summer is that more motorcycles appear on the roads. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to see motorcyclists when they appear; they could be in their blind spot or the driver might be distracted. Sometimes, the motorcycle rider can cause an accident because they’re speeding, lane splitting or riding recklessly.

Drunk driving

Although a person can become intoxicated any time of the year and get behind the wheel, drunk driving often spikes during the summer. This is one of the biggest and deadliest causes of summer accidents. When someone drives drunk, they are putting everyone on the road at risk for a collision that can result in serious injuries or even death.

Tire blowouts

During the summer, any vehicle that has worn tires has a higher risk of tire blowouts. However, it can also happen when a vehicle has traveled over hot pavement for many hours at a time This can send tire fragments flying all over the road and cause car accidents.

Summer travel does not have to be a nightmare. You can do your part by staying diligent behind the wheel and using defensive driving to stay safer.

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