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Car Accidents Archives

Accidents between cars and bikes are common and can be deadly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2015 more than 1,000 American bicyclists died while on their bikes, and more than 450,000 individuals suffered bike-related injuries during that same year. These devastating numbers illustrate the fact that cycling on roads in Tennessee and other states throughout the nation can be dangerous, especially when the drivers of bigger modes of transportation like cars and trucks fail to take notice of the bicyclists with whom they must share the roadways.

Highway collision sends multiple individuals to the hospital

A dangerous situation recently occurred on Interstate 40 in Putnam County. A driver pulled his sport utility vehicle off of the main highway and into the emergency vehicle lane. He exited his automobile on the SUV's passenger side. The reason for his exit from his vehicle is unknown.

What to do when accused of fault in a car accident

Lawsuits based on the negligent and reckless acts of others often turn on the facts that existed at the time the accidents occurred. As such, a Tennessee resident who finds themselves embattled in a disagreement with another party over who was at fault for a vehicle collision can easily become frustrated if they cannot convince the other of their errors. In cases such as this car accidents victims can benefit from the support and advocacy of personal injury attorneys who fight for their clients' rights.

Accidents with bikes and motorcycles can be tragic

Car accidents happen every day in Tennessee and, thanks to advances in vehicle safety in many such situations, the drivers and passengers of the vehicles are able to walk away from their incidents without suffering serious harm. However, when vehicles collide with smaller modes of transportation, such as bicycles and motorcycles, it is not uncommon for the riders of the two-wheeled vessels to suffer injuries upon impact.

What are my rights as the victim of a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian accident occurs when a person who is traveling on foot is involved in a crash with a motor vehicle. These accidents often have tragic endings and pedestrians who suffer injuries in such accidents often carry with them trauma and pain long after they have recovered from their ordeals. In Tennessee and throughout the rest of the nation men, women and children from all walks of life become victims of accidents with cars and other vehicles.

Liability after a commercial vehicle accident

Although many of the vehicles that are driven on Tennessee roads are operated by the individuals who own them there are a number of vehicles that are driven by workers on behalf of their employers. Some of these vehicles may be obvious to Blount residents, such as large delivery trucks that arrive in their neighborhoods and unload goods to the homes of their friends and neighbors. Others may be more difficult to spot, particularly if they are regular sedans, pick-ups or SUVs that are the company cars of those who drive them.

New technology could detect a distracted driver

Regular readers of this blog are probably well aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Smart phones, GPS, or merely changing the radio or speaking with a passenger can take one's attention away from the road. When this happens, a motorist's driving ability is compromised. He or she may unintentionally speed, cross a center line, or fail to stop at a stop light. Far too often, these car accidents result in serious injuries to innocent individuals. But could modern technology curtail distracted driving and its dangers?

How do drugs increase the risk of a car accident?

Driving can be a dangerous activity, even when motorists are well-rested, sober, and attentive behind the wheel. Yet, far too often motorists take actions that increase the risk of a car accident. It doesn't take a genius to recognize the dangers of drunk driving, as local and state laws have attempted to curtail it and public service initiatives have attempted to raise awareness. However, drunk driving isn't the only kind of impaired driving that is becoming a problem in Tennessee. Drugged driving is also becoming more prevalent, leading to more wrecks, injuries, and deaths.

Smartphone use increases the risk of a car accident

Most people in Tennessee are well aware of the ever-increasing presence of technology in our lives. Although easy access to the internet and quick communication can be beneficial, these technological advances can also prove dangerous. This is especially true for those who attempt to use personal technology while driving. Whether a motorist tries to text and drive, surf the web on a smart phone, or adjust a radio or mp3 player, their attention is taken from the road. Even if it only seems like a moment, depending on the vehicle's speed, significant distances can pass while the driver's attention is distracted.

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