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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

How common are motorcycle accidents?

Accidents between motorcycles and larger vehicles are not uncommon. In Tennessee and other states throughout the nation, collisions between motorcycles and cars, trucks and vans create pain and suffering for those victims who are affected. This post will examine some key statistics related to American motorcycle accidents that show just how common and deadly they can be.

Tennessee father dies in fatal motorcycle accident

Running late happens when people aren't planning on it. Despite their best intentions, they may discover that they are leaving home after they intended to and that they will not be able to make it to their destinations when they need to, without hurrying or finding ways to speed up their travels. When driving, some motorists speed, disobey traffic signs, and use unsafe driving habits to rush through their commutes so that they are not late, or simply because they are distracted by things other than their driving responsibilities.

We can help you protect your rights after a motorcycle crash

Part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car is the operator's freedom from the confines of a vehicle's cab. Motorcycle riding allows an operator to enjoy nature and the open road all while getting where they need to go. As the weather begins to improve and the temperatures begin to warm Tennessee motorcyclists may begin taking to the highways in greater numbers.

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a fun mode of transportation for individuals who enjoy a more unencumbered form of travel then one can experience in a car or truck. Many Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary vehicles while others ride motorcycles as a means of relaxing and having a good time. Despite the pleasure that so many people derive from being motorcyclists, though, many accidents occur every year between motorcycles and the bigger vehicles that they encounter on the road.

Tips to help Tennessee motorists avoid motorcycle accidents

February saw its fair share of warm weather this year, prompting many motorcyclists to take to Tennessee's roadways. Spring is just around the corner, meaning that even more bikers are preparing for the riding season. While these motorcyclists need to ensure that their bikes are properly maintained and that they have the skills they need to operate their motorcycles in a safe fashion, other motorists need to ensure that they are aware of the motorcyclists that may be operating near them.

Injured motorcyclists can seek relief

Being injured in a motorcycle accident usually isn't a small thing. Due to the lack of safety devices found on motorcycles, accidents involving these vehicles often leave victims with serious injuries. Injuries may include head and neck injuries, road rash and broken bones. Recovering from this harm can take a significant amount of time and money. Many victims need expensive long-term care, and their injuries may make it impossible for them to work. If you or a loved one is in this position, then you might find yourself desperately searching for relief.

Motorcycle accidents continue to harm Tennessee families

Although the weather is turning colder and motorcyclists will start to put their bikes away for the winter, there are still a number of individual who either have or will be injured in a motorcycle accident this year. These victims, many of whom live in Tennessee, can be left with hardships that drastically affect their lives for years to come. Their damages may include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Without financial assistance, these losses can wreak havoc on a person not only financially, but emotionally as well.

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