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Former Nashville resident faces fraud charges

Criminal defense is not only important as a guarantee that anyone accused of a crime will receive a fair hearing. It has meaning beyond a person's own need to avoid prison time, heavy fines or other punitive sentences. It is also a way for people to protect their reputation while the liability or guilt around criminal acts is established or dismissed.

Tennessee pharmacy investigation may lead to criminal charges

Tennessee, along with many other states in the region, is facing a crisis. While many social and economic problems divide along class or geographic lines, the matter of drug abuse is almost universal. And a pair of pharmacies in north central Tennessee may be providing more than their share of the problem.

Tennessee is considering new marijuana laws

From basic controlled substances to misused prescription painkillers, drugs have caused a lot of damage to individual lives and society as a whole. Many jurisdictions in the United States, including Nashville and the state of Tennessee, are taking a fresh look at how they approach law violations related to drug possession and drug use.

Yes -- Tennessee constables can arrest you

Constables have been around since our country's Colonial days. They're still around in some states, including Tennessee. Although their primary responsibility in most counties is to serve civil warrants, Tennessee constables have the same authority under the Tennessee judicial system as other law enforcement officers, including the ability to make arrests.

How to help avoid getting caught up in a road rage incident

You're driving along, listening to your favorite podcast or music. Suddenly another driver cuts in front of you at an entrance or exit ramp, squeezes ahead of you in bumper-to-bumper traffic or makes a rude gesture at you when you've done nothing wrong.

What rights do college students have in their dorm rooms?

You hope that when your child goes back to college this fall (or begins their freshman year), they'll focus on getting the education for which you're paying so dearly. You don't want them to get into anything that could get them in trouble at school — or worse, with the police. However, you can't control what your child or the people around them are doing doing every minute. That's why it's essential for college students to understand what rights they do and don't have in their dorm rooms or other campus housing.

An accidental overdose can bring serious criminal charges

It happens every day in this country and around the world. People bring drugs over to a friend's house so they can get high together. Siblings combine their allowance money to buy drugs online or from someone in the neighborhood. Someone goes to a party where everyone is sharing their drugs.

Why you could go to jail for sharing prescription drugs

Many people have shared prescription drugs with a family member, friend or colleague. Someone's in pain. You've got something that will ease that pain. Why not? It's not like you're a drug dealer. You're not making money off the drugs. You're just trying to help someone out.

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