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Drunk driving accident leaves one injured

A drunk driving accident can occur anytime without notice. When one does happen, an unsuspecting driver can be left with serious injuries or dead. Those who survive the accident may face years of strenuous physical recovery and financial hardship as a result of costly medical care. A recent car accident in Nashville serves as an example, and Knoxville residents should take note.

Blood test law nabs intoxicated, but does little for families

The state of Tennessee is doing its best to catch drunk drivers. A new law allows police to require individuals suspected of drunk driving to give blood for a blood alcohol content determination. Officials hope this new law will deter drunk driving and keep these negligent drivers off the road. While this is an admirable goal, and some action is better than none, increasing the number of criminal charges does little to help those who have fallen victim to a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

5th DUI charge made against man after drunk driving accident

The road is a dangerous place. The negligence of another driver can place even the safest motorists at risk of an auto accident. One of the most dangerous drivers on the road is the drunk driver. With reckless disregard for traffic laws and human well-being, these drivers can cause a wreck that causes serious injuries or death. And, as a recent case in Murfreesboro illustrates, the criminal justice system does little to aid a victim of a drunk driving accident and keep these dangerous motorists off the road.

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