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When can you contest someone's living trust?

Many people choose to create living trusts when they develop their estate plans. They can place many of their assets, including their home and bank accounts, in the trust. There are numerous advantages to having a living trust. Chief among them is that it makes your estate easier and quicker to settle after you're gone.

The 'estate planning' documents your 18-year-old needs

If you've got a child turning 18 next year, you're likely concerned with things like how you're going to pay for college and how you'll adjust to them being away from home. You're probably not thinking about estate planning for them. That's many decades down the road, right?

What to consider before accepting the role of estate executor

A loved one has passed away, and you learn that you were named the executor of the estate. Too often, when people craft their estate plans, they never get around to asking the person they choose as their executor if they're willing to fulfill the role. Sometimes, people will agree to the responsibility and then forget all about it until the time comes.

How a revocable living trust can protect your privacy

One of the many advantages of working with an attorney to create a thorough estate plan is that you can take steps to keep it private. Many people don't realize that if they have only a will in place, that will must go through a probate court in order for the instructions in it to be carried out. That makes it a public court record.

Estate planning tips to help avoid sibling disputes

If you're preparing to put your estate plan in place, you may be considering doing so without discussing it with your adult children. It's understandable that you want to avoid awkward conversations about how much each one is inheriting and who's getting which family heirlooms.

Estate planning for a child who is an addict

Many parents throughout Tennessee and the rest of the country have a son or daughter who is struggling with addiction to illegal and/or prescription drugs. Addiction impacts the entire family emotionally and financially. Attorneys are increasingly seeing the conflicts faced by parents of addicts as they draft their estate plans.

How to choose the right power of attorney in Tennessee

When an individual or a couple sits down to create an estate plan, they are being accountable for their future. They are protecting their assets, their money, their property and their children. This is one of the most important things you can do in life, and sadly, too many people put it off until it is too late. Here are some tips for choosing the right power of attorney in Tennessee.

Why do Tennesseans need a living will?

If you are a Tennessean who is considering putting an estate plan into place, one of the terms you'll hear from your attorney is "living will." This is a document you can use to designate your wishes on things like what you wish your end-of-life care to be and what procedures you wish, if any, to be used to prolong your life.

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