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The dangers posed by increased blood alcohol concentration levels

Alcohol is a contributing factor in many auto accidents. Sadly, every day, intoxicated drivers take to Tennessee's streets, putting other unsuspecting motorists at risk of serious injuries. Those who are harmed in these wrecks often face a long road to recovery. Physical, emotional, and financial harm can take hold after a drunk driving accident, and legal action is often the only way to try to recoup these losses.

What are the costs associated with a drunk driving accident?

Drunk driving is a very real problem throughout Tennessee and the United States as a whole. Intoxicated drivers have impaired judgment, decreased reaction times, and slowed motor skills. These factors, when combined with the operation of a motor vehicle, can be deadly. Victims of a drunk driving accident can be left severely harmed, sometimes suffering permanent disability or even death. Recovering from such a wreck can be physically painful, emotionally trying, and financially devastating.

How do I recover compensation in a drunk driving case?

It is a sad reality that many Tennesseans, while in a state of intoxication, choose to climb behind the wheel of a vehicle. These motorists pose a threat not only to themselves, but also to other drivers around them. These drunk drivers can cause a tragic accident in a matter of seconds, whether by swerving, speeding or failing to yield. When one of these wrecks occurs, a victim can be left with serious damages in the form of physical, emotional and financial losses.

Can I sue a third-party if injured in a drunk driving accident?

Those who find themselves in a drunk driving accident often suffer serious injuries. Victims can be left physically debilitated, emotionally wrecked, and financially devastated. It can take years, sometimes even decades to recover from these losses. In some instances, victims are never able to fully recover. If you have been hurt in one of these accidents, one way you can help ensure you reach as full a recovery as possible is to try to recover as much compensation as possible from the negligent parties who harmed you. But who are those parties?

The prevalence of drunk driving in Tennessee

Our law firm has devoted itself to helping Tennesseans who have been injured in car accidents. While we spend a lot of time talking about distracted driving accidents and what steps are necessary to recover compensation in such an incident, Knoxville residents should be aware of the prevalence of drunk driving.

Students injured after drunk driver hits Knox County school bus

The drunk drivers on Tennessee's roadways, including Knoxville's, pose a threat to all, even school children. This can be seen by a recent accident in Knoxville where a drunk driver crashed into an SUV, then crossed a median and slammed into the driver's side of a school bus. The bus had about 45 students onboard when the wreck occurred, and six of them were taken to the hospital with injuries. The driver of the SUV was also taken to the hospital. The errant driver was taken into custody for charges that include DUI second offense, driving with a revoked license, and following a vehicle too closely.

TN city sees rash of pedestrian accidents, one by drunk driver

Tennessee and Knoxville in particular, is supposed to be pedestrian friendly. Unfortunately, though, pedestrians are often hit by motorists, leaving them wounded. All too often these victims die from their injuries. Though some try to blame pedestrians for being unaware of fast moving traffic, motorists are often the ones who are inattentive and unaware of pedestrians.

Knoxville man charged with DUI after deadly accident

Unfortunately, some Tennessee drivers think they can have a few drinks, climb behind the wheel and safely drive to their destination. However, all too often this behavior leads to a catastrophic drunk driving accident. Innocent individuals can suffer serious injuries or die as a result of such reckless driving. One of these sad instances occurred recently, and Knoxville residents should note what can be done if they find themselves a victim of a car accident.

Drunk driver injures pedestrian in Knoxville hit-and-run accident

No matter what type of vehicle one drives, a drunk driver can put them in danger of serious injuries or death. Yet, while a drunk driving accident between two or more vehicles can be disastrous, there may be another type of drunk driving accident that can increase the risk of physical harm: one involving a pedestrian.

"Booze It or Lose It" campaign seeks to stop intoxicated drivers

It is no secret that drinking and driving is dangerous. Yet, even with the information and statistics about drunk driving constantly being thrust into the public limelight, many still choose to drink and get behind the wheel. With the Labor Day weekend fast approaching, the state of Tennessee is ramping up measures to stop these dangerous drivers and protect other motorists.

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