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Posts tagged "fatal motor vehicle accident"

Negligent driver crosses center line, causing fatal accident

It is amazing to think how close oncoming vehicles pass one another. These cars can be separated by mere inches, delineated by lines on the road, while travelling at high speeds. The danger is high, and a single moment of inattentiveness can be deadly. For this reason, it is imperative Knoxville motorists drive with the utmost care. As can be seen in a recent accident, anything less than perfect attentiveness can cause a devastating car accident.

Three-vehicle hit and run turns into a fatal accident

Many people think the threat of an accident is reduced or eliminated by not driving a car and instead walking or riding a bike. While it is unclear whether the risk of injury or death is reduced, the fact remains that one is not wholly protected from a car accident by not driving a vehicle. All too often, pedestrians and bicycle riders are struck by inattentive drivers and serious injuries or death results. A recent fatal accident in Memphis serves as an example, one which Knoxville residents should be well aware.

Negligent driver kills one in hit-and-run accident

A negligent driver can turn a normal night into a nightmare. Resulting severe injuries can leave victims with a lifetime of hardship. In the worst cases, a fatal accident occurs. Perhaps the most deadly type of car accident is the one involving a pedestrian. These unsuspecting individuals are vulnerable when they cross and walk along streets. A recent incident in Nashville shows how tragic these accidents can be, and Knoxville residents should be aware that they can happen anywhere at any time.

Negligent driver causes hit-and-run death

Deadly car accidents occur on Tennessee roadways far too frequently. Yet, another type of fatal accident is often overlooked: the hit-and-run car accident involving a pedestrian. Pedestrians, because they have no safety features surrounding them, are prone to serious injury and death when struck by a vehicle. A recent accident in Memphis shows just how tragic these incidences can be, and Knoxville residents should be aware they can happen anywhere.

Campbell County accident leaves 3 dead

Many people think that if they drive attentively and take notice of other drivers they will avoid accidents. While being alert can greatly reduce the risk, the fact is that a car accident can take one by surprise at any time. These wrecks are often tragic, leaving victims seriously injured or even dead. One such fatal accident happened on Christmas Eve in Campbell County.

Negligent driver hits and kills motorcyclist in Tennessee

A motorcycle ride can turn tragic in seconds. For instance, an inattentive driver can switch lanes without looking and cause a tragic motorcycle accident. Serious injuries, head injury, neck injury, broken bones, permanent disability and death are all real risks in these types of accidents. A recent crash in Tennessee highlights how dangerous motorcycle unawareness can be, and Knoxville riders should take note.

Fatal car accident involves Sevierville woman

A recent two vehicle accident in Sevierville has left two men injured and one woman dead. The car accident happened when the driver of one vehicle turned left without yielding to the other oncoming vehicle. The two trucks collided, causing one to overturn. The driver of the overturned vehicle was injured while the passenger later died from her injuries. The driver who failed to yield fled the scene, but later turned himself in. He now faces criminal charges.

Fatal accidents rise in Tennessee

There is some bad news for Tennessee drivers: the number of fatal accidents statewide is continuing to rise. The latest number from the Tennessee Department of Transportation is 765 car accident deaths so far in 2012. That is up from the 728 deaths that were reported at the same time last year.

Head-on collision in Grainger County leaves 2 dead

A typical car ride can turn tragic in the blink of an eye. All it takes is a brief moment of inattentiveness to turn a family's life upside down. Sadly, this was the case recently in Grainger County when a driver crossed the center line and crashed head-on into an oncoming car. The car accident resulted in the death of two passengers. The two drivers were also injured.

Sevier County accident leaves 2 dead

A recent wreck in Sevier County has left a youth pastor and a 16-year-old high school student dead and several others seriously injured. The car accident occurred when an SUV crossed the center line and slammed head-on into a church van. Police say drugs may have been involved as drugs were found inside the SUV.

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