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If I recover in a wrongful death suit, can the award be modified?

The amount of compensation awarded in a successful personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit varies depending on the circumstances. If a settlement cannot be reached between the parties, then a jury will determine how much should be awarded to the injured party. Juries take many factors into consideration when making this determination, including an individual's income, medical and funeral expenses, and pain and suffering. However, if a jury awards you significant compensation, that may not be the final determination.

Two buses involved in fatal Knoxville accident

Many Knoxville residents may be aware of a recent school bus accident that left four people injured and three dead, including two elementary-aged students and a teacher's aide. This tragic accident, which involved two school buses, has left many in our community wondering how such a thing could happen. Investigators from the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Knoxville Police department are analyzing the busses to determine if mechanical failure played a role in the wreck. However, both busses passed inspections conducted not long ago. The National Transportation Safety Bureau will join the investigation.

Fatal accident occurs after Tennessee man rear-ended

Driving has become so common for many Tennesseans that it has simply become part of the daily routine that does not require much thought. Unfortunately, though, this seemingly minute part of our days is riddled with danger. Distracted, drunk, reckless, and otherwise negligent drivers populate Tennessee's roadways and, in the blink of an eye, can cause a tragic accident.

Interstate wrong-way car accident kills one

One person is dead after an accident on I-75. Reports indicate a wrong-way driver entered the interstate and caused a wreck that involved may have involved as many as four other vehicles. The victim's identity is unclear at this time, but in these types of crashes it is not uncommon for an unsuspecting motorist to be killed and for the errant driver to survive.

Boy killed on Tennessee Interstate after hit-and-run car accident

Almost all Tennesseans have experienced a flat tire at one time or another. Though they are often easy to change, the location where one sustains a flat tire can make the procedure more difficult and dangerous. However, so long as other motorists abide by their reasonable duty of care, those changing tires and dealing with other car issues along the roadside should remain safe.

Negligent driver kills one in Knoxville head-on collision

Some accidents occur so quickly that it is impossible for safe drivers to take measures to avoid the errant drivers who cause them. In instances like this, a motorist can be taken completely off guard and, as a result, may suffer severe injuries or death. The chances of a fatal accident occurring may rise when the wreck is one that involves high speed and a head-on collision.

Number of fatal accidents in TN decreased in 2013

There is good news for Tennessee's motorists. Data released by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security shows traffic fatalities decreased 2.7 percent in 2013, down to 988 fatalities compared to the 1,015 that occurred in 2012. This is only the fourth time in 50 years that traffic fatalities dipped below 1,000 in a given year. The Tennessee Highway Patrol attributes some of the decrease to its targeting of drunk drivers, yet, the fact remains that there are still too many deaths on Tennessee's roadways.

Tennessee soldier killed by drunk driver in hit-and-run accident

The loss of a loved one can be heart-wrenching, no matter how it occurs. Yet, when one's life is stripped away early by the negligence of another, the pain can be immense. The deceased's surviving family might have difficulty moving past the accident, constantly reliving their last moments with their lost loved one and imagining the pain and suffering he or she might have gone through before passing. One Tennessee family may be dealing with this excruciating pain now.

Negligent driver runs red light and kills two in Seymour

Tennessee's roads can be extremely hazardous. No matter how safely one drives, a negligent driver can slam into him or her and cause a devastating, even deadly car accident. A fatal accident can leave a family reeling, searching for meaning while at the same time having to deal with the realities of losing their loved one. This can be tremendously challenging, and it may drive the family to lose hope. Fortunately, legal assistance can help try to take care of some of the financial issues related to the loss of a loved one and may help bring closure to a terrible incident.

Traffic fatalities rising on Tennessee roadways

Traffic fatalities are on the rise in Tennessee, and motorists should take note. With two months left until 2013 draws to a close, this year's traffic fatalities have already nearly matched the 813 killed last year in traffic accidents. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage basic safety precautions, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has resorted to posting the number of traffic fatalities on roadways so other drivers can see. TDOT hopes this information will push people to be more attentive when behind the wheel and to get off the phone while driving.

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