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When is modification to a child custody agreement warranted?

When you and your co-parent drafted your child custody agreement with the help of your attorneys, you likely worked to make it as adaptable as possible to your children's changing needs as they got older. No one wants to go back to court and modify their agreement if they don't have to.

Child support obligations after giving up parental rights

You fathered a child who has been raised by your former girlfriend (or maybe someone you barely knew). You've paid child support, as you were ordered by the court to do, but you've had no role in that child's life for any of a multitude of reasons. In another scenario, maybe you and your spouse divorced, and you haven't been involved in your child's upbringing except to provide financial support.

The importance of living arrangements in custody decisions

Are you negotiating for shared custody of your children during your divorce? Or maybe you're seeking a modification to your current custody order to get more time with your kids. If the case goes before a judge, one things he or she will look at is what kind of home you can provide your children while they're with you.

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