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Head-on collision leaves all involved in serious condition

A negligent driver can cause serious harm, even death, in a matter of moments. Whether by speeding, disobeying traffic laws, or sheer inattentiveness, a driver can cross a center line and cause a head-on collision, rear-end another vehicle, or run a red light or stop sign and hit a car or a pedestrian. A negligent or distracted driver who causes a car wreck should be held accountable, and a civil lawsuit may be the best way to do so.

Simulator raises awareness of phone usage dangers while driving

Some startling news has recently been released concerning accidents in Tennessee. According to new statistics, Tennessee has the highest percentage of deaths directly related to cell phone usage while driving. With texting and driving and other cell phone usage behind the wheel increasingly becoming a deadly problem, some are trying to raise awareness of the issue.

Negligent driver fails to yield, slams into another vehicle

For those Tennesseans who have been behind the wheel for years, a routine drive can sometimes be monotonous and mindless. These drivers go when the light turns green without thinking and stop at a stop sign without really registering to look both ways before continuing through the intersection. Though this type of driving can happen often and may not always result in an accident, sometimes it can cause a serious car wreck that leaves people injured.

Personal injury befalls four at Knoxville ball park accident

When one thinks of dangerous car accidents, one usually thinks of a highway collision, a head-on wreck on a two-way road, or some sort of hit-and-run. While these types of car crashes happen all the time, other types of motorized vehicles surround us in our everyday lives. Golf courses have golf carts, businesses have forklifts, and people drive ATVs all over the place. These vehicles can be just as dangerous as a speeding car on the highway if they are not driven properly. A recent wreck at a ballpark serves as an example.

Tennessee motorists face dangers posed by tired drivers

Everyone has heard of the dangers posed by drunk driving and driving while texting. Yet, there is another type of driving that is just as dangerous but not discussed nearly as much: drowsy driving. According to federal statistics a ten year period spanning from 2000 to 2010 saw more than 11,000 deaths attributable to driving while drowsy. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found four percent of American adults fell asleep behind the wheel in the previous month. When a tired driver causes a car accident the results can be tragic.

Knoxville drivers amongst best, but negligence still abounds

According to the Allstate Insurance Company's 2012 "America's Best Drivers Report," Knoxville fell three spots from sixth to ninth. On average, Knoxville drivers have a car accident only once every 12.2 years. Though the city remains in the top ten, the drop shows that the roads are not entirely safe. In addition, though these statistics can give comfort to those who have not had a serious wreck recently, they do little for those who are or will go through the trauma associated with a car crash.

Tennessee motorcyclist killed on Interstate 40

Thousands of Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation and thousands more ride them for a hobby. Though riding a bike can be efficient and fun, a recent accident in Roane County shows just how vulnerable a rider can be in a motorcycle accident.

Accident victim sheds light on the dangers of drunk driving

Accidents caused by drinking and driving are an unfortunate occurrence throughout America and Tennessee. The victim of a drunk driving accident can face serious injuries that require long-term care. While many advocacy groups try to increase awareness of the dangers of drunk driving through speeches and letters, words can only do so much. That is why one former teacher is using her horrifying experience in a drunk driving accident to deter others from becoming drunk drivers.

Tennessee driver injured when semi flips vehicle off bridge

Rear-end collisions happen all the time in Tennessee and elsewhere. Often, the vehicles involved are of similar size and speeds are reduced. These accidents, though they can be serious, are typically minor. However, a truck accident involving a tractor-trailer can turn what would normally be a minor fender-bender into a catastrophic wreck that can result in severe injury and death. One of these instances occurred recently in Nashville, and Knoxville residents should be aware of the dangers.

Tennessee hit and run kills one, injures four

One person is dead, four are injured and one driver is missing after a recent head on collision in Knoxville, Tennessee. Police say that when a vehicle carrying four crossed the center line, the other vehicle swerved in an attempt to avoid it, but failed, resulting in the head-on, fatal car accident. The driver of the errant car took off on foot, and police continue to search for him. Investigator's at the accident scene searched the errant car and found marijuana inside.

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