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Have Guardianship And Conservatorship Lawyers On Your Side

Not all people are able to provide for themselves and protect their own financial interests. Sometimes it is necessary to consider a guardianship or a conservatorship in order to be able to properly care for the needs of a minor, disabled or an elderly relative. At the Maryville law offices of Costner & Greene Attorneys At Law, we help families facing these issues. Whether you have a loved one with a disability, an elderly relative who needs assistance in handling their affairs or a minor relative in need of a legal guardian, we can help you protect their legal rights.

Helping You Make The Important Decisions

Conservatorships are most often obtained for elderly people or young people with disabilities who are about to become adults. As a conservator, you will be able to make financial and medical decisions and take care of the affairs of the person in question. Once a conservatorship is in place, the conservator will not need a power of attorney or court petition to make legal decisions on their behalf. A conservatorship will allow you to deal with property and finance issues, as well as matters related to day-to-day care and living.

Guardianship For Estate Administration

If you are developing an estate plan and you have minor children, it is important to put a guardianship plan in place. If two parents die, their minor children will be in need of a guardian. If the deceased parents did not leave behind a will or specify a guardian, someone will need to set up a guardianship for the children.

Contact Us Today For Guidance

Whether you are planning for the future or looking to protect the rights of a minor beneficiary, we can help you explore your conservatorship and guardianship options. Offering professional and confidential counsel from our Maryville law offices, we make home and hospital visits for clients across Eastern Tennessee. Contact us today for more information.

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