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Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

Divorce is often a stressful situation. You are required to plan for a future you never thought about. Having an attorney you can trust is of the utmost importance. At Costner & Greene Attorneys At Law, we are committed to seeing you build a future you can be excited about. We have helped families throughout Tennessee adjust to a new normal for over 40 years.

Meditation Is A Required First Step In Divorce Proceedings

Some couples think that mediation is not an option for them. Emotions are high, and there are difficult decisions to be made. What many people don’t know is that in Tennessee, mediation is required before a divorce trial. In certain cases, it can be skipped, but a judge must approve that decision. Our firm handles a lot of divorce mediation. We have helped families work through their differences and come to agreeable solutions — even when they didn’t think it was possible.

There are many benefits to divorce mediation. In general, it tends to be short-term and very structured. Things move faster, and it often costs less. By working with a neutral third party, everyone can voice their concerns and negotiate an agreement or parenting plan. Everyone involved has a lot of control in the process — from where and when it takes place, to who will be present, and how it will be paid for. 

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While the goal is to find a peaceful resolution, sometimes that isn’t always the case. If mediation does not work, our attorneys have extensive litigation experience when handling divorce cases. We are here to be your ally. Call our Maryville office today at 877-381-6564 or fill out our contact form.

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