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You May Be Entitled To Social Security Benefits

Are you unable to work because of your disability? An experienced attorney can help you get the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve. At the Maryville law offices of Costner & Greene Attorneys At Law, we help clients across Eastern Tennessee through the application process, so they can get support as soon as possible. Whether you are preparing your initial application, or you would like to appeal a denied claim, we are here to help.

We Can Help Get You What You Deserve

Most applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied the first time. If you are looking at a denial, do not get discouraged: get help. We know how the system works, and we know how to work with doctors in order to demonstrate the full impact of your condition. It will be our responsibility to make sure the Social Security Administration understands your need for benefits.

There are two types of Social Security Disability benefits. Looking at your financial background and work history, we will help you find the plan that best suits your needs:

  • SSDI: Social Security Disability income is available to people with a disabling condition, which will prevent them from working for at least twelve months. In order to qualify, you must have a certain amount of work experience. Our lawyers can help you determine whether or not you qualify.
  • SSI: If you do not have the work history to qualify for SSDI, you could still be approved for Supplemental Security Income. You must have a disability that prevents you from keeping gainful employment, and you must pass a means test as well.

Act Now; Call Our Office Today

The process of obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits can be complicated, but you do not have to go through this difficult time on your own. Our attorneys will walk you through the entire process and make sure you do everything possible to secure benefits. Contact us today to find out more about your SSDI or SSI claim.

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