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Real Estate Transactions Can Be Complicated; We Can Help

With so much to look out for in even the most simple real estate transactions, you want an experienced lawyer watching over your case and making sure you are acting in your own best interest. At the Maryville law offices of Costner & Greene Attorneys At Law, we have an extensive real estate practice, including our own title company. From commercial real estate transactions to residential real estate concerns, we will make sure your rights are protected.

Professional And Responsive Attorneys

Handling real estate transactions and dispute litigation since 1980, attorney Steve Greene handle all types of residential and commercial real estate concerns. Under their guidance, our firm knows how the local real estate market works, and we have extensive experience dealing with finance companies.

We know that buyers and sellers have different things to look out for when building a real estate contract or transferring a title. Taking a look at your immediate concerns and long-term goals, we will help you develop an agreement that works for you today and well into your future. We are prepared to handle a wide range of real estate concerns, including:

  • Title work
  • Review contracts
  • Property purchase agreements
  • Closings

Why make your real estate transaction more complicated? With our own title company located just one block away, we can take care of all your real estate concerns. At the Blount Title Agency, we will manage all issues relating to your title, so you do not have to seek separate counsel.

Call Today To Talk With Our Team

Our firm has extensive experience managing title issues and real estate transactions for a diverse set of clients throughout Eastern Tennessee. We understand the challenges you face, and we understand what you can do to protect your rights. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out more.

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